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Seafoods have long played a starring role on our breakfast, lunch and dinner tables throughout Japan. Seafoods, the "power of long life", have been an essential part of our diet. Nowadays, seafoods are being noticed both at home and abroad as something good for human health.

Daiichi Suisan is a seafoods wholesaler of the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market, licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries. Daiichi Suisan is permitted to supplying the "bountiful gifts of the sea" to consumers in and around the Tokyo metropolitan area at stable, reasonable prices as part of our social responsibility. To achieve this public mission, every employee of Daiichi Suisan is dedicated to the goal of further growth of the Company through creative ideas and efforts.

At present, the Tsukiji Fish Market aims to operate as an more open market and all market facility has been under re-construction to meet current needs of international fisheries. To our great pleasure, the number of overseas clients (suppliers) for the Market has been steadily increasing in recent years, with the Market moving to diversify international transactions with the United States, China, Korea, Australia, Europe and Southeast Asia. Daiichi Suisan is moving forward as a group of professionals capable of keeping up with today's changing world.

Corporate Profile


Trade name Daiichi Suisan Co., Ltd.
Address 5-chome 2-1, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
(located at the Tsukiji Fisheries Market of the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market)
Business Wholesale of fishery products
(fresh, frozen and line-processed)
Employees 123 (110 male, and 13 female)
Founded March 9, 1948
Capitalization \200 million
Annual sales amount 2002/4-2003/3 \47,639 million
2003/4-2004/3 \46,660 million
Clients & suppliers (Suppliers) Worldwide fishery producers and shippers
(Clients) More than 900 jobbers.shopo and authorized buyers
History 1935 Incorporated as Tokyo Uoichiba Co.,Ltd.
1948 Incorporated as Daiichi Suisan Co., Ltd. at the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market, and started wholesaling of fishery products.
Banks Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Norin Chuo Kinko, Ltd.
Mituisumitomo Bank, Ltd.
Chuo Mitui shintaku Bank, Ltd.
77 Bank, Ltd.
Hokkaido Bank, Ltd.

In Tokyo, one of the leading international cities of the world, Daiichi Suisan Co., Ltd. operates at the Tsukiji Fisheries Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market, a general market with dual functions of consumption and distribution, as a state-licensed fishery products wholesaler permitted by the Ministry of Agriculture,

Forestry & Fisheries. Daiichi Suisan deals fishery products on consignment base sale or buys fishery products own-account from domestic and international producers and suppliers for wholesale either by auction or bidding in compliance with the principle of justice, equity and transparency as prescribed by law.

Daiichi Suisan assures stable supply of fishery products to consumers in and around the Tokyo metropolitan area. The wholesaler is permitted to two main functions : (1) sale of fishery products on consignment or own-account, and (2) extensive collection of cargos for sale. In order to achieve smooth collection of merchandise from extensive sources, the wholesaler must be creditworthy and deserving of the full trust of producers and suppliers at home and abroad. Daiichi Suisan has dedicated itself to sound business practices under the rigid guidance, supervision and inspection of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. In particular, the Company seeks to deal with suppliers in a fair and just manner under the motto "Kindness and Best Service" in ways to benefit suppliers. Therefore, please rest assured in shipping your products to us.

The Tsukiji Fisheries Market has been importing increasing volumes of fishery products year after year from the far corners of the world. In response to these moves, Daiichi Suisan will dedicate itself to extensive dealing with overseas suppliers as one of the key projects of the Company.

Please be advised that we deal in an extensive variety of fishery products, including fresh, frozen and processed fishes, shellfish, etc. as a wholesaler and importer and welcome your e-mail(dai1sui@blue.ocn.ne.jp) offers at your convenience.

Major Product Line

Fresh Tuna, horse mackerel (saurel), mackerel (spike, scombroid), flounder, bonito, sea bream (porgy), Spanish mackerel, shrimp, prawn, lobster, eel, etc.
Shellfish Sea urchin, ark shell, hard clam, abalone, turban shell (turbo), oyster, scallop, short-necked clam, corbicula, edible cockle, etc.
Frozen Tuna, shrimp, prawn, lobster, clam, crab, salmon, trout, black cod, fish egg, herring, etc.
Processed Opened and dried horse mackerel, broiled eel, fish paste, dried whitebait, dried young sardine, dried cuttlefish, salted salmon and trout, salmon roe (ikura, sujiko), herring roe, cod roe, etc.



Importing/Sales System Thru Our Market

Fresh/Live Seafoods

Import Duty
Sea-Urchin 7.0%
Tuna, Salmon 3.5%
Shrimp 1.0%
Crab 4.0%
The most of the fresh/live seafoods will be imported by the air freight to the Narita international airport or Kansai new international airport under the consignments sales agreement.

The custom clearance at the airport will be done within 2-3 hours after the cargo arrival and immediately to truck to the Tsukiji fish market to sell next morning.

The sales will be done by the auction, of which price will be our net sales amount.
Then, the following calculation will be done right after the auction and informed to the consignor by fax immediately.

Net auction sales amount X 5% (sales tax) = Gross sales amount (A)
Our sales commission 5.5% of (A) (B)
Custom clearance fee / truckage (to be actual) (C)
Import Duty (see left side) (D)
Bank Remittance Charge (E)

(A) - (B) - (C) - (D) - (E) = Your net sales proceed to be remitted to your bakn account within 5 days after the date of auction.
Frozen, Processed Seafoods This import business will be done according to the regular international trading business manner.

The purchasing negotiation will be done by a sample or by our inspectors inspection in the origin of the country.

The payments will be done by letter of credit or T.T. remittance against the original shipping documents, such as invoice, packing list, bill of lading, certificate of origin and inspection certificate depending on the item to be imported.